The Spring Fling Raffle Starts Friday March 12!
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Virtual Spring Fling 2021

Spearheaded by 6th Grade Class March 19-21, 2021

As is the tradition, this year’s Spring Fling is a school-wide event for all students, staff, teachers and families. In terms of the fundraising component, the PTA is making a one-year exception for this year’s Spring Fling: It will be run by the dedicated 6th grade class co-chairs, Sandy Hodgkinson and Amanda Hood, and a majority of the funds raised during the virtual event will benefit the 6th grade class. 

Why the change? In a “normal” school year, 6th grade holds several school-wide fundraisers to help fund their traditional 6th grade events and activities (i.e. class picnic, lock-in, t-shirts, class trip, etc). But this year, the class was unable to hold a fall/winter event, bake sale, bingo night and other fundraising events that would normally have taken place. While they raised some funds during Rock N Fun, it is not enough to give their class some meaningful 6th grade memories, experiences and keepsakes to commemorate their final year at SLES, which include a possible virtual lock-out, class picnic, graduation activity and class t-shirts. 

The 6th grade year at SLES is a special year that students look forward to from their kindergarten year. The PTA feels strongly that this year’s 6th grade should have the opportunity to coordinate Spring Fling as a class fundraiser. 

The class will also give a gift to SLES, as is another 6th grade class tradition, and this is an opportunity for them to help raise money. The 6th grade has decided that they would like to give a gift to the school that honors the memory of their dear friend and classmate, Abbie Bachmore.

When the class achieves their fundraising goal, all remaining funds go to the PTA to continue its fundraising mission to support SLES families & staff now and to plan ahead for when in-person learning returns. 

Please note that next year, the plan is to return Spring Fling to its traditional, in-person event at the school, with all funds benefiting the overall PTA fundraising goals for that school year. 

Here are some FAQs from last year to give you an idea of what to expect.

Spring Fling FAQs

What is Spring Fling and what does it benefit?

This year’s Spring Fling will be an online raffle of a multiple of bountiful and exciting baskets prepared by room parents and their classes. Spring Fling is one of the PTA’s two primary fundraisers, along with Rock N Run. Your dollars will help support our 6th grade and additionally contribute to general school wide PTA activities, such as:

  • 6th grade possible outdoor picnic;
  • 6th grade possible outdoor graduation;
  • 6th grade gift to SLES;
  • Additional funds raised will go to the PTA to continue its fundraising mission to support SLES families & staff
  • For a fuller list, please look for any of the monthly PTA financial reports available on

How does the online raffle work?

As in previous years, each of the class baskets has its own raffle. To get tickets, log in to with an email address. We need your contact information to notify you of raffle results.

Each basket will have a page under, where you can check out photos and descriptions, and add tickets to your shopping cart. You can buy tickets for one or many baskets, and you can check out purchases one or many times. We will be drawing winners electronically in three groups, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, March 19 – 21, 2021.

What is the event timing?

  • Friday, March 5th Preview begins, with basket photos and descriptions available at
  • Friday, March 12th Tickets go on sale online: $0.50/chance
  • Friday, March 19th 7 p.m. Group A basket winners drawn; announcements follow by email
  • Saturday, March 20th 7 p.m. Group B basket winners drawn; announcements follow by email
  • Sunday, March 21st 7 p.m. Group C basket winners drawn; announcements follow by email
  • March 22- 31st Room parents follow up with winners to coordinate basket handoffs

How will I know if I won a basket?

We will be drawing winners electronically on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings at 7 p.m., March 19-21, 2021. Winners will be contacted. Participants whose tickets did not win will receive a “no luck” email. You may also visit this website – to follow your active baskets and see if you’ve won.

How and when will winners get their baskets?

The room parent(s) of the class basket you won will contact you directly after March 21 to determine how to hand off the basket.

Do students and staff get any free tickets like last year?

Our new online system has some differences from paper-based tickets. The Spring Fling Committee has decided to give each SLES family and staff member SIX complimentary tickets by way of a coupon code. Unlike last year, this year each family will have ONE coupon code. Please look for the code in an email from our principal!

Can I participate offline, or without using a credit card?

Because of social distancing rules, this event will be online only. Our online checkout uses PayPal, which works with debit cards and bank accounts as well as credit cards.

Who do I contact with questions? 

Amanda Hood at

Many thanks for your support.