Spring Fling 2020 had to be a little different thanks to a certain global pandemic you may have heard about 🙂

In most years, Spring Fling is an in-person event at the school, highlighted by an amazing basket raffle, one for each classroom. For 2020, the raffle was completed online.

Spring Fling 2021 is on our radar, but at this point, we’re unsure what kind of event it will be.

Here are some FAQs from last year to give you an idea of what to expect.

Spring Fling FAQs

What is Spring Fling and what does it benefit?

This year’s Spring Fling will be an online raffle of 34 bountiful and exciting baskets prepared by room parents and their classes. Spring Fling is one of the PTA’s two primary fundraisers, along with Rock N Run. Your dollars support dozens of PTA activities, such as:

  • outdoor learning in the Discovery Garden;
  • mindfulness training;
  • field trip busing;
  • materials for STEAM and music;
  • staff appreciation;
  • free events like the Spelling Bee and welcome popsicles;
  • snacks, scholarships, and an emergency fund for our Care & Share students;
  • new laptops; and more.

For a fuller list, please look at any of the monthly PTA financial reports available on https://slpta.org/minutes-financials/.

How does the online raffle work?

As in previous years, each of the 34 class baskets has its own raffle. To get tickets, log in to slpta.org with an email address. We need your contact information to notify you of raffle results.

Each basket will have a page under slpta.org/raffle, where you can check out photos and descriptions, and add tickets to your shopping cart. You can buy tickets for one or many baskets, and you can check out purchases one or many times. We will be drawing winners electronically in three groups, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, May 15-17, 2020.

What is the event timing?

  • Monday, April 20 Email to pre-purchasers about rollovers and refunds
  • Monday, April 27 Due date for pre-purchasers to change refund/rollover options and for paper purchasers to provide refund contact info to treasurer@slpta.org
  • April 28-May 11 Pre-purchaser ticket coupons and refunds issued
  • Wednesday, May 6 Preview begins, with basket photos and descriptions available on slpta.org/raffle
  • Wednesday, May 13 Tickets go on sale online: $0.50/chance
  • Friday, May 15 7 p.m. Group A basket winners drawn; announcements follow by email
  • Saturday, May 16 7 p.m. Group B basket winners drawn; announcements follow by email
  • Sunday, May 17 7 p.m. Group C basket winners drawn; announcements follow by email
  • May 18-31 Room parents follow up with winners to coordinate basket handoffs

How will I know if I won a basket?

We will be drawing winners electronically on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings at 7 p.m., May 15-17, 2020. Winners will receive an email notification the same evening. Participants whose tickets did not win will receive a “no luck” email. If you made several purchases, you will receive extra notifications.

How and when will winners get their baskets?

The room parent(s) of the class basket you won will contact you directly after May 18 to determine how to hand off the basket.

What if I pre-purchased tickets or meals? Will I get a refund?

We are providing a combination of refunds and personalized coupons for tickets. All pre-purchasers will be contacted directly by email with instructions. If you are not contacted by April 22, please email treasurer@slpta.org.

If I donated items for the March 20 in-person event, what will happen to them?

Because of limited access to the building, items that were dropped off at school will remain there until the school reopens. If possible, we will repurpose them for another PTA event.

Do students and staff get any free tickets like last year?

Our new online system has some differences from paper-based tickets. The Spring Fling Committee has decided to give each SLES family and staff member five complimentary tickets by way of a coupon code. Look for the code in an email from our principal!

Can I participate offline, or without using a credit card?

Because of social distancing rules, this event will be online only. Our online checkout uses PayPal, which works with debit cards and bank accounts as well as credit cards.

Who do I contact with questions?