For this year’s Rock ‘n Run fundraiser, all grades will work collectively to achieve our school-wide fundraising goal, with everyone earning the same prizes. In addition to prizes, your donations help fund our care and share program, the discovery garden, teacher appreciation, 6th-grade events, community events, and so much more! Please consider donating to support our school!

Progress toward our goal:

$34,611 of $56,000 raised


Ms. Fleming & Ms. Sheedy’s Class

Ms. Lankina’s Class

Ms. Seabury’s Class

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Ms. Johnson’s Class

Ms. Lawrence’s Class

Ms. McDade’s Class

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First Grade

Ms. Nye’s Class

Ms. Porter’s Class

Ms. Roache’s Class

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Second Grade

Ms. Benner’s Class

Ms. Kim’s Class

Mr. Nedab’s Class

Ms. Stewart’s Class

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Third Grade

Ms. Eiswerth’s Class

Ms. Jones’s Class

Ms. Leano’s Class

Ms. Miknis’s Class

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Fourth Grade

Ms. Baker’s Class

Ms. Barry’s Class

Ms. Johnson’s Class

Ms. Maher’s Class

Ms. Moon’s Class

Ms. Preston’s Class

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Fifth Grade

Ms. Bazemore’s Class

Mr. Brown’s Class

Ms. Nguyen’s Class

Ms. Young’s Class

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Sixth Grade

Ms. Brumley’s Class

Ms. Klippstein’s Class

Ms. Kruse’s Class

Ms. O’Dea’s Class

Ms. Popiel’s Class

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