Stratford Landing PTA

The 2019-2020 Slated PTA Board Members are:

 – President: Megan Gottemoeller  – President Elect: Still seeking
 – VP for Volunteers: Lindsey Lee  – VP for Fundraising: Stephanie Jones Stuckey
 – VP for Communications: Still seeking  – VP for Community Events: Sandy Hodgkinson
 – Treasurer: Wynne Kelch  – Secretary: Chrissy Kopple

Stratford Landing PTA Rock N Run Logo

Stratford Landing PTA Rock N Run Fundraiser

We raised over $90,000 during the 2018 Rock N Run – all thanks to our wonderful Stratford Landing families, friends, teachers, staff, and sponsors. This money – all of it – is invested back into the school. This was an incredible fundraiser and allows to now focus on the important work of school improvements, student enrichment, community building, etc.

A little bit about Rock N Run…

Rock N Run is Stratford Landing PTAs’s most important school-wide fundraiser and is organized and run by the PTA as well as parent volunteers. Rock N Run funds over 70% of our budget for the year, and the best part is SLES keeps 100% of what we raise. Most school fundraisers are run by companies that take 50% or more of the profit. Plus, the prizes are awarded by class, not individual, so no one is left out.

Students collect donations over a 10-day period and then run/walk laps or cheer during school hours in celebration of their accomplishment.

This year the funds are expected to support nearly $7,000 for classroom and school libraries, $5,000 for technology investments, $2,500 for the discovery garden, $2,000 for musical instruments and programming, and $1,000 for supporting curriculum purchases, among other major investments in our school. In addition, the 6th grade uses the funds they raise to fund their planned expenses throughout the year. This includes a “team building” picnic/6th grade kickoff, a full day class trip to DC, an end of year after hours party at SLES, a Picnic at FH park to celebrate 6th grade promotion, and a special class of 2019 t-shirt.

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