Welcome Stratford Landing Dolphins!

If you are new to SLES, we encourage you to check out the main webpage for our Military Family Group by visiting: https://stratfordlandinges.fcps.edu/features/military-family-group

Purple Up T-shirt orders due Thursday, March 14th, 2024

Our Stratford Landing Military Support Group provides military and government service families a place to connect and offers support to new families entering Stratford Landing. We are an all-inclusive group for active, retired, reserve, and deceased military families or anyone who has an interest in the purpose of our group. We work to help ease the stress that transition and deployment have on military children and their families.

This group provides a variety of outreach events throughout the school year. These events include quarterly coffee meetups for parents and guardians, a Veterans Day celebration, Month of the Military Child activities, after school meetups, and more!

The best way to stay connected is to be on our email distribution list. Please send an email to military@slpta.org to be added to our group contact list, ask any questions you may have, or express interest in volunteering. We always welcome your ideas for how we can best support the military students at SLES. We look forward to supporting your military family this year!

-Jess Abbott and Becky Hyatt