This year, Rock n Run prizes and enrichment programs will benefit the entire school. Below are the prizes we are working toward:

  • Goal amount: $10,000: Popsicles on the playground! The PTA will provide popsicles during recess time for the students
  • Goal amount: $15,000: Students will get extra recess time!
  • Goal amount: $20,000:  Mix Major music assembly: Students will enjoy a fun and engaging assembly all about music
  • Goal amount: $25,000: ”Take a Break” Stock up: This year students have been learning about Zones of Regulation. The PTA is supporting this initiative and will stock each classroom’s “Take a Break” space.
  • Goal amount: $30,000: Each class will get to enjoy a pizza party!
  • Goal amount: $40,000:  Each class will get to shop at the book fair for their classroom libraries with $100
  • Goal amount: $50,000 : Each grade will get to enjoy the infamous obstacle course!
  • Goal amount: $55,000: Pie the Principal! One of our beloved SLES teachers will get to pie Mr. Morris on the morning news