Rock N Fun is November 11-23, 2020!


Hello Dolphins! Our Rock N Fun is on this year! We’ve renamed it “Rock N Fun” just for 2020. We’ll be virtual, it will rock and it will be FUN – there just won’t be as much running as our past Rock N Runs!!

As you know, this event is the largest PTA fundraiser of the year. The primary donors to the SLES Rock N Run are the friends and families of our students, but we also rely on sponsors to help us reach our goal. Because we keep 100% of the proceeds, we try to use Rock N Run to fund all of the PTA needs for the year.

So why are we raising money this year?

The SLES PTA is committed to providing tangible ways to support families who are learning virtually, and resources and programs to look forward to when students return to school. This overarching goal includes 1) resources to support outdoor education, 2) support for teachers on virtual platforms and in-person classrooms (i.e. classroom libraries), 3) non-screen learning tools for families, and 4) mindfulness initiatives.

In addition, the 6th grade uses the funds they raise to fund their expenses throughout the year.

How will Rock N Run work this year? 

  1. Fundraising will begin on Wednesday, November 11. It will end on Monday, November 23.
  2. Fundraising will be done by grade level, not by classrooms this year. We are “One Stratford” so we’re working together to raise money for school activities and programming now – and when we all return to school in the future.
  3. This year, we will have 8 days of daily videos for you to participate in at home.* These videos will feature special guests (i.e. Bubbles and Waverly), teachers, staff, students, physical activities, challenges, dancing, fundraising updates – and a whole lot of FUN. Students will watch the videos in their classes during the school day. We will make them available to the school community as each video is released, so families can tune in at home.
  4. On Monday, November 23 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm there will be a Rock N Fun Prize Distribution Day at SLES. Families will pick up prizes earned during the fundraising period & one Rock N Fun t-shirt per student (all t-shirts are one color this year for staff and students – because we’re all “One Stratford”).
  5. On Tuesday, December 1st, we will hold our final event – a Spirit/Prize Rally (virtually) that students will watch during their Morning Meetings. This rally will include final prizes,

*Please note that participation is voluntary and not required.

Please direct any questions you may have to