Stratford Landing Elementary PTA Rock N Run Logo

We were able to raise over $90,000
during the 2018 RNR campaign!

Hello Dolphin Fans! Our Rock N Run event is the largest fundraiser for our school and allows us to procure essential items including: laptops, educational resources library equipment, musical instruments, furniture, classroom equipment/supplies and STEAM materials. The funds are also used for field trips and school improvements. With declining school budgets and teachers regularly dipping into their own pockets for supplies and materials, these funds directly benefit our students and help our faculty provide a more enriching classroom experience.

Rock N Run is a two-week event during which time each class is fundraising, usually to a goal of $3,000. The actual Rock N Run day is on a Friday and the students will go outside to run laps as part of a fun-filled day. The Friday before the main event is a pep rally for the entire school – and there’s a good chance the students will be visited by Bubbles! The Friday after Rock N Run is prize day where the student can enjoy many of the prizes they earned. The prizes change some each year, but generally include bouncy house obstacle courses, dunking principals in water, money for book fair, PJ day, and many, many more. Prizes are earned by class to ensure all of the students have an opportunity to enjoy the prizes.

The primary donors to the SLES Rock N Run are the friends and families of our students, but we also rely on sponsors to help us reach our goal. Because we keep 100% of the proceeds, we try to use Rock N Run to fund all of the PTA needs for the year. You can view sponsorship levels below and if you are interested in sponsoring the PTA or have a recommendation of who we should contact about a sponsorship, please email us at