On Friday, May 8th, our school will join students around the nation for the OPEN National Field Day on May 8! This FREE event is for all family members to enjoy!


This event is sponsored by OPEN — Online Physical Education Network.

Click here to go to the website and learn more about the event.

Families do not have to register. We are already registered as a school. The physical education blackboard page has all of the events uploaded to it so students can practice before Friday, May 8.

This event is designed to be a lot of fun, just like Field Day at school.

On May 8, students will go to the P.E. blackboard page and find the scoresheet, games, directions, and any other resources they might need.

Students get to pick what games they want to participate in. However, students should try to participate in at least four games.

Keeping track of scores is optional, but we have uploaded the scoresheets onto blackboard for anybody interested.

Students and families can also tweet to Mr. Magee and Mr. Fannon about during the big day.

Mr. Magee is already sharing cool stuff about National Field Day — join the conversation!

We would love to see students participating in Field Day, so we created a Flipgrid on which students and families can upload pictures and videos (optional).

The P.E. blackboard page has a lot of information about National Field Day, including videos explaining everything.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at ddmagee@fcps.edu and jtfannon@fcps.edu. We are happy to clarify or answer any questions.