Want those SLES shirts and jackets? Check out the Stratford Landing PTA’s online Spirit Wear store. Now, rather than placing orders once or twice a year through the PTA, you order WHAT you want WHEN you want it and it’s delivered right to your door! A portion of the sales will be returned to the PTA to help fund student initiatives and programs. The start of the school year is the busiest time for the company, so get your orders in early. Hundreds of new items have been added to the store: there is a wide variety of shirts, sweatshirts, pants and other items available for both youth and adults! There are even items available for your youngest “Future Dolphins!”


When you click on an individual item, you can pick between the words “Stratford Landing” or the dolphin logo on the item.

If you have any questions or comments, please email Communications VP Gretchen Kearney at communications@slpta.org.