The 2020-2021 Stratford Landing PTA new board members were nominated at the April 23rd membership meeting and voted in May 28th. Thank you for helping to make our school the best it can be!

Here’s a little more about our new board.

Paul Tierney
Paul TierneyPresident

Why do you want to serve as President?

The truth is that I was not looking to serve as President! But as I watched my daughter go through Belle View Elementary and then Stratford Landing, it was clear to me that successful schools not only need talented teachers and dedicated administrators but also a group of parents willing to volunteer their time and talents. Watching other parents step up to help is what inspired me to want to become more involved.

David Hodgkinson
David HodgkinsonPresident Elect

What are you most looking forward to as PTA President Elect?

As President-Elect, I am looking forward to the opportunity to build on the numerous successes of the current PTA, including its excellent ability to liaise between parents and the Administration and teachers, the tremendous work that has been done to strengthen curriculum and fundraise for scholastic programs, and its efforts to make sure we meet the needs of all our students. I have a few specific priorities that I would like to pursue, including broadening the group of parents who participate and contribute to the success of SLES, and further enhancing our fundraising so that we can support even more outstanding academic teaching
supplements. The role of President-Elect will allow me to participate in a supporting role Year 1 to the
President and Board, and then more fully apply what I have learned in Year 2.

Caitlin Mandel
Caitlin MandelTreasurer

What are you most looking forward to as Treasurer for the PTA?

I am honored to be the nominee for PTA Treasurer, and am looking forward to being able to serve the school and community that my family and I love! In particular, I am looking forward to helping ensure that SLES has what it needs to adequately support our children when they return to school in the fall. I think the upcoming school year will be extremely important in re-establishing relationships and routines, and I am very much looking forward to helping the school rise to the challenge!

Alyssa Hjembo
Alyssa HjemboVP of Communications

Why do you want to serve on the PTA board?

All four of my kids have been privileged to be Stratford Landing Dolphins. As our school community evolves, I would love to offer my abilities in communication development and organization to help the PTA keep vital messages flowing, look for ways to improve, and respond to the needs and desires of our families, students, and administration.

Rima Fusisi
Rima FusisiSecretary

Why do you want to serve on the PTA?

I want to serve on the PTA at SLES because I want to make connections with other parents, teachers, office staff and administration. I look forward to helping first hand finding positive solutions that benefit the school and our children.

Sheena Arting
Sheena ArtingVP of Community

Why do you want to serve on the PTA?

Being a part of the PTA Board is a big responsibility that I don’t take lightly. I want to serve the school and help make all students feel welcome and seen. After recent physical distancing measures, we need community and each other more than ever. It may look a little different, but I would like to continue the SLES tradition of having fun together.

Chrissy Kopple
Chrissy KoppleVP of Fundraising

Why do you want to serve on the PTA board?

If elected, I am looking forward to serving on the PTA Board for the 2020-2021 school year to advance efforts to continue to make SLES an active, supportive, thriving and fun school community for students, parents, teachers and staff. I look forward to serving as the Vice President of Fundraising to further efforts to financially support activities, events, programming, academics, as well as exploring other opportunities to raise funds to support the needs of the school community.

Nicole Chandler
Nicole ChandlerVP of Volunteers

What are you most looking forward to as VP of Volunteers for the PTA?

I am looking forward to serving on the board next year as VP Volunteers and helping out the best I can by reaching out to parents and getting help where it’s needed throughout the school year. I do love volunteering at school and getting to know our community.