The Stratford Landing PTA Board members and 2020-2021 new board met at May 28th at 7 PM via Zoom. Below is a link to the virtual Zoom meeting and agenda.

Click here to watch a recording of the meeting.


  • Welcome
  • PTA Business
    • Minutes from April 23 meeting approved via e-vote!
  • President’s Report
    • Thank you to teacher and staff appreciation leaders!
    • Thank you to Spring Fling leaders!
    • Garden and Care and Share: delivering produce boxes to families
    • 6th grade: yearbooks, yard signs, letters on the door, hoping for a late summer picnic
    • Yearbook: June/July delivery
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Monthly financial report
  • 2020-21 Budget proposal-discussion and vote to approve
  • Board Election Results
    • Thanks to tellers
    • Announce results
    • Nice to Know Ya! Incoming board members get to answer questions, such as (pick 2):
      • How many kids do you have at SLES and what grade(s) are they in?
      • If you were back in elementary school what grade would you want to be in?
      • What is your most unpopular take (food, athlete, movie everyone loves but you hate, or vice versa)?
      • Questions from the floor (!!)
  • Announcements and Activities
    • Final farewell meeting in June
    • Family pick-up day- June 5 (see Mr Morris’s email for times)
    • When you see new families- hook them up with PTA!
  • Principal’s Moment- Mr. Morris