Dear Dolphin Families,

As we all navigate the implications of school closure and social distancing, we continue to support each other as well as our students. PTA is organizing ways to stick together without being literally “together.”

Give Help/Get Help
So many of our families have asked how they can help others in our community. Other families have specific needs that aren’t met by county programs. This spreadsheet is a space where our SLES families can ask for and offer support.

Click here for the spreadsheet. You can make a private request here:

(The spreadsheet is accessible to anyone who has the link. Please use good judgment and respect others’ privacy. If you prefer to offer/ask for support outside the spreadsheet, contact or Mr. Morris or 703-619-3605.)

Learning Together
We are all eager to keep students engaged in learning and connected to their peers. For now, we can use the PTA Facebook Group to share resources and activities.

PTA Facebook Page

Many parents and teachers are already sharing things (use/search the topic “Learning Resources” for these items).

Starting Monday, we’ll be posting “Daily Challenges-” stuff your kids can do at home and share their results with each other on the FB page. Also, stay tuned for “Chick Cam” as the annual SLES chick and duck hatching goes virtual.

We can all use some techniques to help us stay centered. Parents from the Mindfulness and Movement team will be offering daily opportunities for our kids to practice mindfulness, similar to what they have been doing in morning meetings. And at least once a week, they’ll post something for parents, too! Again, this will start out on the SLES PTA Facebook group, under the “Mindfulness” topic.

School supply donation
If you have extra school supplies you can donate to families trying to learn at home, please drop them off at the school on Monday March 16 between 8am and 12pm. Useful items include colored, white and lined paper, markers, crayons or colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, craft items, etc.

Other ways you can help
The “Together, Not Together” team could always use your ideas! In particular, we would love someone who is knowledgeable about YouTube (or other shared platforms) so that we can expand beyond Facebook.

Please also make an effort to spread the word and encourage anyone not currently part of the Facebook group to join, or refer them to the PTA webpage.

We’re making this up as we go, so thoughtful, constructive feedback is very welcome! Please reach out with your comments, questions, suggestions to, or call me at 202-210-7808.

Megan Gottemoeller and the PTA Board

Wynne Kelch
Chrissy Kopple
Lindsey Lee
Melissa Edwards
Sandy Hodgkinson
Stephanie Stuckey

Featured image by Mahesh Patel via Pixabay