We’ll be discussing SLPTAs finances at the membership meeting this coming Thursday, May 28, both our current numbers and the outlook for next year.

If you’d like to take a look, the updated treasurer’s report is here.

It includes recent club payments and refunds, teacher appreciation, and our exciting Spring Fling results.

Also, please consider reviewing the draft budget proposal that the Board approved.

It feels odd to predict the financials for next year, when so much seems up in the air. However, we feel it’s worth making a commitment to continuing our programs as much as circumstances allow. Plus it’s good to have a starting place from which next year’s PTA can make revisions.

The key part of the draft is the worksheet tab “FY21 Proposal.” Feel free to send any questions to treasurer@slpta.org.

View a history of Treasurer reports on the Minutes and Financials page.

Photo by Fabian Blank via Unsplash